The most common complaint we hear is a patient suffering from back pain. Although lower back pain seems to be the most prevalent type of back pain, an injury or impact may cause other areas in the back to inflame and hurt as well.

If you have been suffering for some time and have thought your back pain is just part of the aging process or overworked muscles, we have good news. Many painful sympotoms in the lower back can be relieved through a variety of chiropractic methods. In some cases some simple adjusting over time can help to release pressure on nerves, This in turn relieves the pain being caused by that nerve.

In other cases, decompression of the spine is effective is stretching the spine and helping to gently align the back naturally. Decompression also helps relieve the pressure on the nerves and can often give relief where even adjustments have failed.

Let Dr. Flanagan discuss your options and help you to start feeling like your pain free self once again.

Chiropractic Treatments

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